About Us


Tools-Depot are specialists in finishing solutions and installation tools for wall and floor coverings. Through global interaction and partnership, we have collated a range of professional products to suit all levels of installation and budget.

With over two decades of experience and associated with some of the strongest brands in the market, we created Tools-Depot with the aim to provide all customers with quality products at competitive prices.

Our Partners

For over forty years, ROMUS has been inventing, designing and manufacturing ranges of profiles, accessories and tools for flooring and painting contractors in over sixty countries.

SIRI been in the building market since 1975. At its factory in Modena, it produces building and tiling equipment including saws, tile cutters, brushing machines, cleaning sets, spacers and a wide range of tools and accessories for simplifying and speeding up the tilers works. Thanks to ongoing investments in research and technology, their customers will appreciate the high quality of their products. The SIRI range is highly esteemed on the international markets because of its leading edge technology and excellent quality to price ratio. 

Personna, the world’s leading manufacturer of high-quality speciality blades and tools, is dedicated to creating blades and bladed products that satisfy the needs of professional customers. From the most basic to the most advanced product, our goal is to deliver quality, performance and innovation. 

Tebo is a Swedish company originally established in 1970. They specialise in providing a diverse range of unique and innovative tools and accessories to the construction and DIY markets.